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I am a 50 year old woman. I have had two 10 year relationships, both which which were fulfilling, worthy, generative, and had their frustrations and limitations. While being with someone a long time, even a life time, provides opportunities for great riches, I have never believed that “forever” was a worthy goal; but was rather a reward for a relationship well lived. Unfortunately 10 years is about as long as partners can take me. Personally I dont think that is too bad. I am a whole lotta lotta.

My last partnership resulted in the fulfillment of a long held dream, which is my yummy little boy, about to turn 7. His name is Jack and he seriously rocks. I have him 60% of the time. At first I thought I would surely die if I couldn’t squish him up morning, noon and night, but truthfully, I ended up liking a lot about it. Like sleeping in some mornings, going out some nights, and cleaning the house some weekend days.

I have a nice house outside of Philly with a great yard and an ever growing vegetable garden, with some new fruit trees the last couple years to help me live a more sustainable life. I am a nerdy crafter, without much talent but lots of enthusiasm. I have been trying to be increasingly self-sufficient, developing random household management skills. I bragged all over facebook last month after using youtube to change my dryer belt.

Professionally I spent 10 years as a social worker, fighting the good fight against poverty and racial injustice. I was drawn towards more intensive clinical contacts, which initially felt like a sell out, but I have worked hard to keep my politics well embedded in my work and life. I started my clinical career 20 years ago with a Masters at Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, which I then followed up with a 2 year clinical training at the International Institute of Object Relations Theory, now called the International Psychotherapy Institute. My real education though came from bi-monthly study and supervision groups that I have participated in for over a dozen years, and which I now run. It has given me a chance to study dense and rich theory with a small group of clinicians allowing us to unpack the material together while attaching it to ourselves, our clients and our clinical work.

My work consists primarily of a private practice, seeing just under 20 clients a weeks. I also run a study and supervision group twice a month, and a handful of workshops for clinicians every year to entice them into deepening their work with analytic theory. As you might have noticed, I am not a big fan of the casual nature some clinicians use in approaching their work. I am all about intellectual rigor when it comes to therapy and want more folks in my camp.

Hope that works as a decent introduction 🙂

If you want to check out my profile on Psychology Today follow this link http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/42757


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    1. Thanks! I am just getting it started, but it is fun to write without the pressure of official publication. I am loving it!

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